Toddler Time is an active class for both child and parent/care giver. We explore developmental skills such as climbing and inclining, backward movement, and crossing the midline. As well, we introduce activities to encourage body awareness, cooperation and personal strength.  Each 45 minute class includes safe play equipment and age appropriate activities. 

  2631 McIngvale Rd Hernando, MS 386

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We offer classes for the whole family.

Kids Classes at Stars In Motion are a lot like the adult classes, just a little more adorable! A parent or guardian will need to create a profile and add the child as a family member. Be sure to complete the full birthdate section for all members and click the tiny little button under the family member section to indicate the primary member books and pays for the child. 

You will see events for children throughout the year. KidFit Club typically meets during school holidays, we host pom/dance clinics in spring and summer, while Leap Class and Preschool Ballet will pop up on occasion. 

Climb Time is a 45 minute aerial and yoga class for ages 5-7. Students will warm up and condition, learn basic aerial silks techniques on both fabric and hammock, then finish with yoga stretches and a brief focus meditation. 

Move and Groove is a creative movement class designed for ages 2-5, not yet in kindergarten.  We learn classroom skills like sharing, taking turns, following directions and general citizenship. We also incorporate motor and developmental skills like spacial awareness, intentional movement and self control. And we do all of this with fun choreography and age appropriate music in a 45 minute drop in class.